Thought the awful fifth instalment had killed off the Die Hard franchise for good? Think again! It has been revealed today that Fox are looking to make a deal with Live Free Or Die Hard (known as Die Hard 4.0 in the UK) helmer Len Wiseman to return to the franchise as director, with producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura overseeing the project for the studio.

The duo are now looking for a writer to tackle the movie which will be set primarily in 1979 and picks up with John McClane when he, “was a cop in gritty New York City and showing how he became a die hard kind of guy.” Here’s where things get weird though; Bruce Willis is set to return, though only in scenes which are expected to bookend the movie’s main story.

With this expected to be something of a fresh take on the franchise, a lot of screenwriters are said to be vying to take a crack at the sixth Die Hard movie and Willis – while not yet signed up to star – is apparently being kept in the loop as to how it’s developing. Wiseman is a solid enough director and has already proved himself with this series after the fairly well-received fourth instalment grossed close to $400 million worldwide back in 2007.

It sounds like this Die Hard movie is actually based on another action project di Bonaventura was developing, with Wiseman having pitched a new Die Hard related angle which he liked.

Seeing how this one develops should be interesting, but does anyone really want another?

Update: Looks like we have a title from Len himself – Die Hard Year One