Lego have been doing very well recently in plundering the past for their new bespoke sets. We’ve seen Back to the Future Lego, Ghostbusters, Goonies and the like, even less well-known 80s throwbacks (which are really not that great without the nostalgia-fumes) such as Knight Rider.

Yesterday the brick makers unveiled their latest set, one which looks even further back into the past. The Beatles had a number of very silly Goons-inspired films under the hand of Richard Lester however in 1968 George Dunning headed up a surreal animated film built around the song Yellow Submarine.

yellow-submarine-1 It’s a visual feast, and The Blue Meanies are among the most bizarre and hilarious villains. The songs work perfectly within the scant plot and it is a lot of fun. So much fun that Robert Zemeckis was trying to get a 3D CG remake of the film off the ground in 2012.yellow-submarine

That fell through but this new Lego set proves the endurance of the look of the original film. The set is due to be launched on the 1st of November, and The Beatles minifigs are just a treat. And there’s also a Jeremy Hillary Boob, PhD minifig! I’m in…

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lego-yellow-submarine-2 lego-yellow-submarine-1 lego-yellow-submarine