After weeks of excitement and teasers Lego has finally launched their own replica of James Bond’s famous Aston Martin DB5.

The DB5 was revealed yesterday at the Lego Store in London’s Leicester Square, with Miss Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) on hand to show it off alongside the real-life version of the car.

Lego hasn’t approached the project half-heartedly, the creator model has a number of intricate details from opening doors, to a rotating number plate. It also features pop-out rotating wheel blades and most importantly, an ejector seat. Enough to make James Bond himself green with envy.

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Although the normal joe off the street will not be able to get their hands on the model until August 1st, Lego’s VIP members will be able to buy it as of now.

The DB5, an Expert Creator set in the same vein as the Mini Cooper and VW Beetle, is 1295 pieces and costs £129.99.

Take a closer look at the images of the Aston Martin DB5 below.