Following on from the huge success of Formula One documentary Senna and the unforgettable big screen drama of Rush, there has been continued interest in bringing the exhilarating stories from the sport to cinemas. The latest film to take up this challenge is Lauda: The Untold Story.

As dramatised in Rush, Niki Lauda is one of the most controversial figures in Formula One. His legacy has gone on beyond the race season featured in Ron Howard’s award-winning film.

Lauda is a name that transcends the Grand Prix circuit and he has become an icon to many fans around the world. One such fan is the director of The Untold Story, Hannes Michael Schalle, who exclusively spoke to us at the premiere of his film in Milton Keynes.

Why Milton Keynes? Well, it’s pretty close to Silverstone, home of the British Grand Prix for starters.

We also spoke to some of the people still involved in the sport about the lasting effects of Niki Lauda and the crash that almost cost him his life.

Bernd Maylander is the current safety car driver for all of Formula One (you may well have seen him in action this weekend). The dangers of the sports still remain, and Bernd told us about his experiences on the grid as well as the time he has spent with Niki Lauda.

Giving us the perspective of a current racing driver, Tom Chilton was on hand to discuss the thrill of driving on the limit and what it means to be involved in the sport in the modern era.

Following the premiere, there was an exclusive Q&A that featured Hannes and Bernd as well as F1 legend Giancarlo Fisichella. Suzi Perry was the host and the BBC presenter also asked some questions that were sent in by our readers. We hope to have that footage up shortly.