The world of US late night television can be as dramatic and tumultuous as anything on this planet. Whether it was Leno vs Letterman or Conan vs NBC, Late Night has provided a platform for fascinating events and incredible drama. So a film called Late Night was bound to have unlimited opportunities to be great.
Great is definitely the word for Late Night starring and written by Mindy Kaling. Kaling is largely known for her television work in The Office and Mindy Project, both shows she writes for. Her first feature film turns out to be her best work, as a writer and actor.
Late Night chronicles Katherine Newbury, the host of the appropriately named Late Night with Katherine Newbury, a nightly talk show on par with Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Fallon and Kimmel. Newbury, the incredible Emma Thompson, is a woman who refuses to adapt to modern times, technology and commentary. Due to her stubbornness Late Night begins to tank in ratings and the network decides to replace her with a young, fresh, new comedian.
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Right as this starts to happen Newbury decides to hire her first female writer, Molly Patel, played by Kaling. Patel is a massive fan and always dreamed of writing for the show, even though she her entire professional work experience is working in a Chemical plant. Patel gets the job solely on the fact she is a woman, but it turns out to be the greatest thing that could ever happen to Newbury and the show.
What takes place is a hilarious workplace comedy mixed with a little of romantic comedy. The supporting cast is outstanding and the writing is top notch. It is both hilarious but relevant and important. The commentary on women in the workplace, modern day technology and the importance of sticking to your beliefs and identity is refreshing and enlightening.
Amazon bought the rights to this film for a record $13 million dollars and I believe it’s a great investment. This film was entertaining from beginning to end. It was light, hilarious but also very important. Late Night will be a massive hit.