Research has recently shown that that the average attention span, due to the distractions of our digital world, has evolved into a mere 8.2 seconds. This did not escape the attention of filmmakers and iconic directors, brothers Michel and Olivier Gondry, who had also noted some scientists saying that it only takes 8.2 seconds to fall in love. (French research, perhaps?)

Anyway, this was the inspiration for a particularly innovative and unique concept for their making of Las Vegas Love Stories where six brief encounters lead to romance. The sin city background develops a more sincere ambience in only 48 seconds through the clever manipulation of minimalist actors and the engaging, evocative surreal images to remind us of the instantaneous, heady, emotional journey falling in love sweeps us away on.

Are you still with me or are my 8.2 seconds up? Because I must add, I found the titles and credits for each 31 second film really tested my patience in spite of the valuable information they gave and the accompanying very French, happy soundtrack.

I must praise this unique innovation and I am very pleased that it is so accessible on youtube.

I do feel, however, that the project would also have a remarkable impact under the title Las Vegas Love Stories, as an exhibition in an art gallery. I imagine it in a separate studio room with each film in its own frame playing continuously because each film deserves at least a second look.The film’s title should be above the picture frame and the credits below so that this information can be absorbed separately in one’s own time as the movie is allowed to run, over and over again on loop. Each film is very rich, like a cinematic poem.

Everyone should take a quick look at these little gems. In this case, what happens in Vegas should certainly not stay in Vegas.

You can watch the films below, and a short synopsis of each of them follows.

Las Vegas Love Stories Synopsis

‘It Is Decidedly So’
Faced with the joy of a newlywed couple in Las Vegas, a woman’s emotions take her on the ride of her life when she spots a man from afar.

‘Room 802’
Two best friends see each other in a new light after a night out in Las Vegas.

‘The Big Eight’
A woman spots love at first sight at a Las Vegas craps table and rolls the dice with one wish in mind.

‘No Ordinary August’
A couple dives into their emotions in a Las Vegas resort pool.

‘Night of the Scorpio’
An unstoppable force brings two people together to send sparks flying through the night in Las Vegas.

‘Our Infinity’
After falling in love in a Las Vegas resort, a woman struggles with the uncertainty of her new romance.