Some people are calling it India’s Rebecca Black’s “Friday”, but then again some people are just plain lazy and enjoy making asinine comparisons.

What is impressive that this promo track sung by Dhanush (also the male lead for the movie) for the upcoming Tamil movie “Three” has racked up more than 1,4 million views in under 5 days and has become an anthem for youngster all over the interwebz, all within 5 days of its release.

*Update Kolaveri Di has now crossed more than 4,3 Million views!!!

A pretty simple sing-along with Englishified Tamil lyrics (the embedded video contains English translations) and a truly cracking beat we see Dhanush and co-star Shruti Hassan in the recording booth with soundtrack composer Anirudh.

Details are quite sketchy about the movie itself but the track has set the airwaves ablaze. And if you have listened-u once-u, you will be sing-u along with all the soup boys. It’s a real ear worm!


Fun fun fun!