WTTRJPEGSay what you like about Kristen Stewart, she’s certainly working pretty hard. In addition to filming the next Twilight film, as well as the Joan Jett biopic The Runaways, she’s also found the time to appear opposite James Gandolfini in Welcome to the Rileys.

The film tells the story of a grieving couple who befriend a young stripper, and is directed by Jake “˜Son of Ridley’ Scott*, who’s last pic, Plunkett and MacLeane was something of an underrated gem.

Earlier this week it was announced that the film will debut in competition at the Sundance Film Festival. To further whet appetites, Rope of Silicon have published a set of stills, showing Stewart looking like a hooker, and Gandolfini looking like he’s eaten a few too many pies.

According to First Showing, Stewart shot some of the scenes entirely naked. Perhaps her lady parts will have the range of emotion her face lacks.