The news that there is to be an American remake of the BBC’s sublime political drama House of Cards would usually be met with a fairly solid thumping followed by a staunch refusal to watch the updated series, but there are a few reasons why this is not the case.

Two names immediately draw me in: Kevin Spacey and David Fincher, both of whom are spearheading the new adaptation of the mini series, which was first adapted from the Michael Dobbs novel by Andrew Davies and Dobbs for the BBC in 1990 and had Ian Richardson in the role that would define him, that of the serpentine government minister Francis Urquhart.

Dealing with duplicity and deception and the darkly comic political machination of the post-Thatcher era,  it is an impeccable work, with the fourth wall caressing Urquhart talking directly to his audience, drawing them into the conspiracy. So while I hold this, and its follow up series To Play the King and The Final Cut, in high esteem the only reason I even entertain this remake notion is Kevin Spacey signing on the star and produce and Fincher directing the pilot.

I’m reminded of Spacey’s turn in Jay Roach’s HBO movie Recount, written by Danny Strong telling the story of the disputed 2000 American election, and I would love to see his take on Urquhart, though THR, who reported the story, don’t go into details I can only assume that it will be updated and transported to the US. With Meryl Streep doing her best Margaret Thatcher turn in The Iron Lady perhaps the turbulent British political landscape at the end of the 20th century will be rich fodder for Hollywood for a while to come.