With a brief cameo in the first movie, it’s safe to assume that Paddington creator Michael Bond was fully supportive of the cinematic reimagining of his work. However since the film was released in 2014, Bond sadly passed away, but the legacy lives on – and his daughter Karen Jankel is now the protector of the brand. Though needless to say, she’s just as much of a fan as her father was.

We sat down with Jankel to discuss just how much we need a film of this nature right now, and what she believes it is about the small bear that has such universal appeal. She talks with us about how much her father enjoyed the first movie, and how emotional an experience it is watching these productions on the big screen.

She also explains how precious she can get over the brand and how heavily involved she was in this sequel. She discusses London, the excellent casting of Hugh Grant as the film’s primary antagonist and whether or not we’re likely to see a third outing for Paddington. Oh and we ask her the big question – does she actually like marmalade?

Watch the full interview below…


Paddington undertakes a number of odd jobs to afford a unique pop-up book from an antique book shop – a present for Aunt Lucy on her 100th birthday. But when the book is stolen, it’s up to Paddington and the Browns to find the thief.

Paddington 2 is released on November 10th, and you can read our review here.