The-Dark-Knight-RisesJustice League has been one of the most highly anticipated projects in development recently, with Warner Bros. gearing up to bring the DC-equivalent of The Avengers to the big screen.

Last we heard, the studio were looking for new writers, having hired Will Beall (Gangster Squad) under the radar back in 2011. But those reports have remained unconfirmed.

What we now have is another epic rumour to add to the list. The folks over at Latino Review, who do have quite a strong track record with these things, have reported that Christopher Nolan has come on board to take over the DC Universe for Warner Bros.

“Anything having to do with these super heroes, goes through him now.”

Amazing. (If it’s true.)

We’ve been hearing very positive early reactions to Zack Snyder’s upcoming Man of Steel (due out this summer), and the report goes on to say that Snyder will be co-producing alongside Nolan, with an eye to possibly direct.

And one final epic bomb load:

“They’re shaping this as a vehicle for Christian Bale to reprise his role as Batman and join Henry Cavill‘s Superman in the Justice League movie.”


Initially, this definitely sounds like it would make for an incredible blockbuster. But giving the project further thought, Bale reprising his role as Batman for Justice League could complicate how Nolan concluded his The Dark Knight trilogy last year with The Dark Knight Rises.

I would love to see Bale come back for more. But I also have so much love for the ending of The Dark Knight Rises, and can’t imagine a way for Bale to don the cowl and cape once more. Unless, of course, we have Anne Hathaway coming back for more as Catwoman. Catwoman isn’t one of the core Justice League characters we’re expecting to see in the upcoming blockbuster, which would include Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and The Flash in its roster.

But if Bale comes back, I would love to see Hathaway reprising her role alongside him.

The report also notes that, within the realm of possibility, is the idea that Warner Bros. would start things off with World’s Finest rather than Justice League, giving us a movie focused just on Batman and Superman, and then follow things up with Justice League in the years to come. As they say, ‘Anything is possible.’

For the time being, we’ll naturally have to consider this one a rumour, to be taken with a pinch of salt. But Latino Review do have quite a good track record. And it wouldn’t be at all surprising if Warner Bros. were to court Nolan back to the fold. After all, he’s returned to the DC Universe to produce and help with the story on Snyder’s Man of Steel. And if what we’ve been hearing is true, then Man of Steel could well be the launch-pad to kick-start Justice League, so it would certainly be a logical next step.

Nolan has announced that his next project will be Interstellar, and it will be interesting to see how this announcement develops. Definitely an intriguing rumour, but a rumour it must remain for now.