Holy Batman! It’s been reported that Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Films are spending $25 Million on reshoots for Justice League which have already gone on for the past two months.

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The reshoots are said to have taken place in London and Los Angeles but is said to have taken a lot longer than planned due to the conflicting filming schedules of some of the movie’s stars. Henry Cavill is proving to be the most troublesome, while he is currently filming Mission Impossible 6, the reshoots were due to take place after he had finished filming but with production still in full swing, the actor finds himself darting between the two sets.

Also proving to be a problem is the fact that his character in MI:6 dons a moustache, however, Superman is cleanly shaven. Under his contract for MI:6 Cavill isn’t allowed to shave it off, so the team will have to digitally remove the facial hair in post production.

Justice League

The second problem falls with Ezra Miller, his involvement with the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is also conflicting with the Justice League reshoots. However, because Beasts is also a Warner Bros. production scheduling can be juggled.

Currently, Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot have some spare time on their hands so the Batman actor and Wonder Woman actress are readily available whenever they are needed.

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Also reported is the little matter of accreditation, with Joss Whedon taking over the driving seat from Zack Synder over the last few months it’s argued that Whedon should obtain a co-directing credit but other sources say he will only get a producing or screenplay credit.

Hopefully, all these little niggles can be ironed quickly as the last thing fans would want to see is a push back on the release of the hotly anticipated release.