Not so long ago Jude Law was among the recent additions to the Martin Scorsese cast for his 3D adaptation of Brian Selznick’s book The Invention of Hugo Cabret along with the mighty Christopher Lee and Ray Winstone, and in talking to Empire today Law gave up a few hints about this project and the fast tracked sequel to Sherlock Holmes.

In short, Law’s role is as I suspected when his casting was announced,

I don’t want to give too much away, but I play Hugo Cabret’s father.

And unless there’s a dramatic turnaround in the book (I’m still reading it) Law won’t be on set too much, and only seen on screen in flashback, and so that’s it for Cabret so far but then Law opens up about the second coming of Sherlock Holmes.

It looks likely that we’re going to shoot the second Sherlock Holmes in October…I don’t know yet where the story will go…but there are a lot of Sherlock Holmes novels to choose from.

If the announced release date for the sequel holds then Ritchie will have a full fifteen or so months from the first take to the premiere, and with the wild rumours of Brad Pitt and Daniel Day Lewis as Moriarty flying around it looks likely that Holmes’ nemesis will be turning the screws in the next installment.