Quite big news this evening (and no, I’m not talking about the Fast Five trailer!), this news relates to the man who helmed the first and second Iron Man movies, that man is Jon Favreau. News comes this evening from Vulture than Favreau will NOT be directing Iron Man 3.

It’s all speculation as to why he won’t be taking the reigns for a third time but at the moment, it could either be to do with the lack of story or possibly related to the amount of money that he would charge to direct since his status is now rather much higher than it was when he directed the first Iron Man. His latest movie is Cowboys and Aliens which is a big budget action flick which stars Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig. Not bad for the man who directed Elf!

Who knows what this will mean for the third movie. Could it mean it doesn’t even happen? I guess time will tell. For the full low-down, head over to Vulture where you can read into the story as much as you like but until someone asks him the question, we won’t know exactly why he wont be directing – I wonder if he’ll still play Tony Stark’s chauffeur?!