Craig-Roberts-and-Charlotte-Ritchie-in-Jolene-The-Indie-Folk-Star-MovieHaving made a real name for himself in his feature debut, Richard Ayoade’s Submarine, Craig Roberts continues to impress with a slew of promising projects on his upcoming slate, including Dan Beers’ Premature with Alan Tudyk and Nicholas Stoller’s Townies with Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, and Rose Byrne. But before all that, we can look forward to seeing him star alongside the brilliant Charlotte Ritchie in Jamie Adams’ feature debut, Jolene: The Indie Folk Star.

Adams’ movie is eyeing a debut at Raindance this autumn, and is then set to tour the film at a handful of universities around the country in successive weeks, ahead of a DVD/VOD release around Christmas 2013. And with Jolene now approaching the end of post-production, we’ve got the brilliant first trailer to share.

Summer 2012, England and Wales.

Jolene (19), an indie folk star, is having trouble convincing her writing partner Benny (20) to become more commercial. Too many music industry types get involved leaving Jolene feeling dazed and confused, and Benny marginalised.

Now they are on a crowded tour bus on their way to a festival in the most beautiful, yet remote, location – forcing them to confront their ambitions and emotions for the first time.

Can they both get back to where they once belonged, and move forward together, or will all be lost in the noise and confusion?

Ritchie stars as the eponymous Jolie opposite Roberts, with the two joined by Rosamund Hanson, Tom Rosenthal, Dolly Weels, Ian Smith, Nick Mohammed, Laura Patch, and Keiron Self.

Inspired by the likes of the Duplass brothers, Drake Doremus, Kate Aselton, and Daryl Wein, some of the biggest names in the American independent industry, Adams is making his feature debut with Jolene: The Indie Folk Star. He’s directing from his own script, and also serves as producer alongside executive producer, Jon Rennie.

The modern romantic comedy was shot in an incredibly (and impressively) lean five days on a shoestring/non-existent budget, with Adams’ ten-page outline serving as the starting point for the improvised-based feature.

It’s always encouraging to see filmmakers making their debut, with both Adams and Charlotte Ritchie making their first feature here together. Ritchie was the first to be cast in the film, and from her, everything else fell into place.

The premise sounds brilliant, the cast is brilliant, and this trailer looks brilliant.

All that’s left to see is the finished product, and I’m definitely looking forward to its arrival. Here’s to hoping the film will be premiering at the Raindance Film Festival later in the year, and that we can all catch it either on the road or on DVD/VOD soon after.

For now, I leave you with the first trailer for Jolene: The Indie Folk Star. Enjoy.

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