John Wick the TV series will be coming to a TV near you… at some point but John Wick Chapter 2 writer and director Chad Stahelski has confirmed that plans for the series as well as Chapter 3 are well and truly underway.

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In a recent interview with Indiewire, Stahelski revealed some vital information on the name and direction the new series will take. The focus on the story will lay firmly on the chain of hotels that serve the backdrops to the film franchise with a title of “The Continental” Even though the series won’t centre on Wick, Stahelski is confident that the uber cool Wick will certainly make an appearance.

“I like telling stories from my one character’s perspective. Once you put that aside with the TV show, [you can] expand to all the different characters and follow them throughout their journey.

You can be with the consigliere, concierge, the sommelier — you can be with all these different characters and walk through the world in different aspects; ones that I’m a little limited [from exploring] by staying with my lead guy.”

John Wick Chapter 2 Movie Image - The Continental

In a separate statement made to The Independent, Stahelski addressed the possible direction Chapter 3 could take which will likely carry on from Chapter 2’s cliffhanger ending.

“We are going to put in something about the High Table, how that all works. We’re going to put in something about where John comes from, and where he wants to go. I don’t want to say too much more, but it will be a nice completion to Mr. Wick’s journey.”

Whilst no release date has been set in stone as yet, the TV series looks to be further in development than the film, Stahelski will be handing over his directorial and writing duties to others on the series but will still remain on board as a showrunner.