The pressure for Disney to develop an Obi-Wan movie after the roaring successes of the new batch of Star Wars offerings seems to be ramping up a gear or two of late, especially when you have the likes of Ewan McGregor showing their interest in reprising their roles if one emerges.

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It hasn’t taken too long for another star in the form of Joel Edgerton to jump on the support wagon to make an Obi-Wan movie, one in which fans are calling to be the third in the spin-off anthology after Rogue One and the upcoming Han Solo movie. Edgerton briefly played the younger version of Uncle Owen in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. In a recent interview with Business Insider Edgerton stated;

“I like the idea that Uncle Owen is one of those guys who has done some super cool s— but has just never bragged about it. My idea is that he could go out and have some adventure and then he comes back and slips back into that unassuming moisture farmer role. Everyone talks about Obi-Wan being super cool, Owen secretly knows that he was there, and he did some of the cool s—, too.”


In the original Star Wars trilogy, Uncle Owen raised Luke Skywalker on his moisture farm after Anakin turned to the dark side. Owen was briefly featured during the conclusion of the prequel trilogy when Luke was dropped off on Tatooine as a baby by Obi-Wan.

Edgerton who didn’t want to be completely out of the running to star in a possible Obi-Wan movie also said he would be up for playing Boba Fett, he stated “I saw Colin yesterday, I was like, ‘Dude. “Star Wars.” Me.’ And he’s like, ‘You have already been in the “Star Wars” world,’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, I could be someone else. My pitch to all of them is there’s definitely some Owen possibilities, but also, I was only in the movie for a pinch of time. How about I play someone else? I can do Boba Fett. I’ll just never take off the mask.”

Whatever transpires next, with Disney’s 2012 acquisition of LucasFilms and the popularity of the reintroduced Star Wars saga, this train is going to be ridden for as long as it possibly can.