Doing the rounds promoting Universal’s The Wolfman director Joe Johnston has been answering questions about his forthcoming adaptation of the Marvel comic book series Captain America.

The World War II period story will focus on the origin of Captain America and Johnston has confirmed that Red Skull will be the antagonist of the piece.  A couple of pointers that may perk your interest are the following:

The films is being prepared right now, and Johnston hopes to start shooting in June of this year, and (good news for us) he’ll be shooting in London as most of the film takes place in Europe. Johnston is definitely looking to cast an American in the title role by the 1st of March, and he’s looking for a complete unknown. Johnston talks a little about how the film will be shot, and if 3D is part of the plan.

A couple of sites have put out some comprehensive posts detailing their conversations with Johnston, and I’m not going to regurgitate what they have to say mainly because they put in the hard work, so it’s only right that you should throw some traffic their way.

Check out Collider’s take here.

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CHUD have a great story on the Invaders and how they will feature in the film.

They’ll be plenty more to come as Johnston does the press rounds for The Wolfman. Stay tuned.