Currently making its world premiere at the SXSW film festival, Kevin Mazur’s directorial debut sounds like an intriguing premise, interviewing a host of famous celebrities on the media’s obsession with fame, and our own by extension.

The first clip from the feature-length documentary has gone online over at Yahoo Movies, and we get to see a snippet of Jennifer Aniston being interviewed about what it’s like to be forever followed, surrounded, and affronted by paparazzi, in between footage of this exact thing happening to Jessica Simpson.

Courtesy of the festival’s website, the synopsis reads like this:

“Fame today is more than an obsession. Fame has become what millions of us follow, believe in and seemingly what we care about most – as well as a billion dollar-a-year industry. But what does our intense fascination with celebrity say about us? And how much is too high a price to pay for our own curiosity run rampant?

“$ELLEBRITY” is a candid dialogue about the tone and texture of celebrity, past, present and future; an examination of our pop culture; and an honest look at the quality of our media consumption.”

Along with interviewing Aniston, the film also features Sheryl Crow, Rosanna Arquette, Elton John, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez, Kid Rock, Sarah Jessica Parker, and many more.

$ellebrity premiered at SXSW on Monday night, and will be screened again at the festival tomorrow – according to the site, at 9:45pm at the Alamo Lamar B venue.

It sounds like an interesting premise, and I think the range of celebrities involved with the project should definitely both lend it some credence and make for an intriguing look into the impact our celebrity culture has on those celebrities as people.