There are troubling similarities to the Stalinist regime to that of which we are witnessing now with Trump – but how long do you have to leave it before serious, implicative politics can be turned into a farce, to be parodied and satirised through the medium of entertainment?

It was this question we posed to Jason Isaacs and Andrea Riseborough, stars of The Death of Stalin, and they had somewhat conflicting views on the matter. One thing they do share, however, is that both actors were pretty much the only two who weren’t performing in their own accent – yet nor did they have to attempt a Russian one, and so we asked just how much of a relief that was for them, if at all.

We went on to discuss collaborating with Steve Buscemi, how much research they did into their respective roles, and we asked Isaacs about Star Trek: Discovery, and what it means to him that fans of the franchise have been so receptive to this new endeavour.

Watch the full interview below…


The Soviet dictator lives out his final days, and chaos erupts after his death.
The Death of Stalin is released on October 20th, and you can read our 5* review of the film here.