Another interview for you today from our coverage of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, the sequel from director Matthew Vaughn that opens in UK cinemas this week.

This time, we sat down with Vaughn’s partner-in-crime on the film, his co-writer Jane Goldman, who has also worked with him on Stardust, Kick Ass and X-Men: First Class but this marks the first time both have worked together on a sequel and she said it’s certainly a strange feeling writing a follow-up, saying:

“Yeah it’s an interesting position to be in as a writer and both Matthew and me had not particularly been fans of sequels and had opportunities to do sequels in the past that both of us had avoided and made a decision to not take that path. This one though was different just because I think Kingsman felt so much like our playground – there were no expectations and also I think it just has such a definite tone of “anything is possible” so in a way it felt like a wide-open playground and that was exciting to both of us.”

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There’s a hugely eclectic cast in the new film, through Taron Egerton and Colin Firth returning to Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore amongst countless others but we wondered where the Elton John idea came from. John, who plays a version of himself in the film having been kidnapped by Julianne Moore’s big-bad Poppy, ws almost in the first one but Goldman says it took quite a bit of convincing:

“You know actually it was stuff that we had written for the first one. We had very much wanted to incorporate that and it was just stuff that we had written and that had gotten more and more absurd and was stuff that was making each other laugh but we didn’t imagine for a minute that it would happen and then of course when we sent it to him he was like ‘No thanks!’ so we cut it out. But then we suddenly realised that we could try again… and fortunately this time he had seen the first film and got a sense of the tone and hopefully didn’t think ‘Who are these mad people!”

Of course, with sequels comes chats of further films and like Vaughn, Goldman has some ideas ticking along in her brain but could she be tempted by another superhero film in the future, given Vaughn has been linked with the Man of Steel/Superman sequel as we heard last week. Goldman said:

“It’s brewing… we’ve been chatting about it a lot (Kingsman 3)… I feel like I’m not personally in a superhero phase right now but I think Matthew would be a brilliant director for it but I think there might already be a script for Superman so I guess he would be getting involved as director but I don’t know, if he is at all – I have no idea.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle opens on September 20th.