By now, you’ve hopefully caught up with our coverage of the Jameson Empire Awards. If not, check them out here.

We’ve still got loads of videos from our red carpet interviews coming up, including Dexter Fletcher and Will Poulter talking about their next project, Wild Bill, which with a cast that includes Olivia Williams, Marc Warren  and Andy Serkis could well be this year’s breakout Britflick.

The video below features interviews with Gary Oldman and Tom Felton. In it Oldman discusses his brief appearance in the final Potter film, his fondest memories of working on the franchise, the differences between the Potter films and the Batman films, and his flourishing bromance with Tom Hardy. He also very briefly speaks about his work on Thomas Alfredson’s forthcoming Soldier, Sailor, Tinker, Spy.

Tom Felton discusses the Harry Potter reshoots, post production on Potter 7.5 and the films he’s been working on since he wrapped.

It’s worth pointing out that the best questions in these interviews came from the amazing girls from SnitchSeeker, who kept us company on the red carpet.

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