With his eyes fixed on the future in three dimensions, James Cameron has a number of producing duties alongside his intention to once again delve in Pandora’s Box and if this news is true, and his take on Cleopatra makes it to the screen it looks like being a fine addition to his collection of cinematic epics.

Deadline have an update on the Angelina Jolie/Cleopatra film producer Scott Rudin is behind for Sony, and James Cameron is the man they have in talks to direct the Brian Helgeland script based on Stacy Schiff’s critically lauded biography of Cleopatra.

Painting a very different picture to the one Elizabeth Taylor portrayed on screen in 1963,  Jolie was connected to the project several months ago. Back then we knew that a worthy script was necessary to get Jolie firmly on board, and with Brian Helgeland’s script nailing the character and the epic nature of the history, Cameron is in talks to get this one in front of the 3D cameras.

Talking of her reaction to Schiff’s book, Jolie said,

There is no universal truth to history in some films, but you can get closer and I feel there’s a lot that has been unexplored about her.

I read her story and found a different side to her – that she was a mother, leader and an intellect who spoke five languages! Her upbringing also reflected her relationship with Rome — all that is much more interesting than what she was summed up to be.

The notion of Jolie as Cleopatra is enticing enough, and the success of Avatar almost guarantees that audiences will flock to see Cameron take on one of history’s most recognisable characters.