When it comes to being a good sport, you have to give credit to Jake Gyllenhall. He’s currently in the UK to promote his new Disney / Jerry Bruckheimer movie, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. We were lucky enough to meet him this week duringĀ  round table interview and you’ll be able to hear that in the coming days.

Jake appeared on Friday with Jonathan Ross a couple of days ago and you have to watch this interview! Jake obviously knows Jonathan and is very much up for a good laugh. Not only do they end up cooking an iPad but end up talking about Viagra, hair extensions and show off some Lego Prince of Persia figures.

I’ve embedded the interview below in two parts. If you’re a fan of Gyllenhaal or you just want a good laugh, this is very much worth a watch.

If you’re looking forward to Prince of Persia, check out HeyUGuys later on today when we’ll be streaming the World Premiere live from Vue Westfield in London. We’ll also be there to bring you photos and exclusive footage from the event.