Following the massive success of Jackass 3D, MTV Films all all our favourites are back with another set of completely craxy adventures in the form of Jackass 3.5 on the 1st April. As you’ll see in this trailer, they explain that when they were filming Jackass 3, they shot too much footage and rather than let it all go to waste, they thought what better way to share it with the world than to make an extra movie

Because too much is never enough! Johnny Knoxville and the boys are at it again with jackass 3.5, a compilation of dozens of episodes featuring all-new footage from the idiots you’ve come to fear and love. Loaded with never-before-seen stunts, pranks and stupidity, these episodic slugs include such antics as Steve-O’s up close and very personal encounter with a snapping turtle, Chris Pontius and his incredible wood pecker, a rocket-powered trip to Uranus with Bam Margera, and the successful prank that was finally pulled on Johnny Knoxville.

Check out the trailer below.