If this report from Comic Book Movie is anything to go by, Joss Whedon could be in the process of ensuring cinemagoers will see the first satisfactory, fully-realised CG Hulk to the stomp his way into the big screen.

The site has picked up on a tweet from an actor named Brandon Molale who claims he has auditioned to do the motion capture for Hulk in The Avengers. 6’ 4” Molale (a former college and pro football player), certainly has the build and frame for digital artists to construct a realistic figure, but this news does seem to contradict reports from Mark Ruffalo (playing alter-ego Bruce Banner) that he would be the first actor to actually play the big green giant. Maybe they’re planning on doing some kind of cut and paste job, using Molale’s body and Ruffalo’s head.

Let’s hope that whichever way they finally decide to go with, it results in an end product which can help maintain our suspension of disbelief in a much more successfully way than the previous two features did.