The latest in the current trend of screening movies with a live orchestra accompaniment gave visitors to the Royal Albert Hall quite the visual spectacle this evening with Christopher Nolan and Jessica Chastain appearing for Interstellar Live.

royal albert hall interstellarSadly they didn’t blast people into space, and the Live aspect of the evening was the orchestra Brahming along Hans Zimmer’s score to the film. Zimmer himself led the orchestra after Professor Brian Cox, Christopher Nolan and theoretical physicist Kip Thorne had a pre-film chat about the weather and stuff. And theoretical physics I’m guessing.

Before all this though the assembled lovelies were on the red carpet to talk about everything. Here are the interviews and don’t forget Interstellar is out on Limited Edition 2-disc Blu-ray digibook,  Blu-ray and DVD now! (We have a competition for you to win a copy here).

Christopher Nolan

Jessica Chastain

Hans Zimmer

Professor Brian Cox