There are few young actresses working today with futures quite as bright as Shailene Woodley’s. So needless to say it was our pleasure to sit down with the talented performer to discuss her latest project, Insurgent. The sequel to the popular Divergent, Woodley revisits the role of Tris, starring again alongside Theo James.

We discussed;

– What fans of the Divergent series can expect of this sequel

– Revisiting the role of Tris

– Whether there’s less pressure knowing the fans are on board

– Working with Theo James, Miles Teller and Ansel Elgort

– On Tris’ short hair

– The rise of action roles for women

– Whether she’d considering playing Mary Jane again in Spider-Man

– Her role in the forthcoming drama Snowden

– When Allegiant begins shooting

Insurgent is released on March 20th.