It’s extremely difficult not to admire Robert Pattinson. Having made a huge name for himself – and a cult following to boot – off the back of the popular Twilight franchise, he has since chosen such a diverse range of projects, seemingly intent of challenging himself and the perceptions people have of him. This has never been more evident than in David Michod’s harrowing drama The Rover, where he stars alongside Guy Pearce.

We had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with the immensely talented duo to discuss their latest endeavour. The pair talk about the shoot and whether the bleak, desolation of the narrative extended on to the set at all. Pattinson also speaks about his own career decisions and whether he bears the Twilight crowd in mind when picking a role, while Pearce – who himself rose to fame on Australian soap opera Neighbours, speaks about his own experiences in that regard.

The Rover is released on August 15th, and you can read our review here.