imageComing off the back of the Palme d’Or winning The Class – it’s safe to say there’s a little more attention and pressure on French filmmaker Laurent Cantet’s shoulders this time around as he presents his latest picture Foxfire, hitting cinema screens on August 9. Having won the most prestigious prize in world cinema back in 2008, we were rather excited about interviewing him.

Despite the pressure – which he discusses in this interview – fortunately he triumphs with Foxfire, a picture that depicts the rising of a group of young women rebelling against a sexist society. He also talks of his decision to make his first English speaking feature, and how he went about depicting a somewhat different 1950s America to what we have seen before on the big screen – while he also tells us if he has ever seen the 1996 adaptation (starring Angelina Jolie) of the famous Joyce Carol Oates novel.