Opening this weekend from Producer Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted/Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) and Executive Producer Jason Blum (Paranormal Activity/Sinister/Insidious) comes Unfriended, a new twist on the found footage horror sub-genre, where the entirety of the film is shown completely from the perspective of teen Blaire Lily’s (Shelley Henning) MacBook screen.

In keeping with the format of the movie, we conducted our entire interview in a Skype session! Continuing our series with the Cast of Unfriended is our exclusive interview with Jacob Wysocki and Courtney Halverson. Be sure to check out our other interview with Cast Members Shelley Henning, Moses Storm & Will Peltz tomorrow and don’t miss our chat with Executive Producer, Jason Blum!

Unfriended releases this Friday, 1 May