Following his Golden Globe win last night for his ‘performance in a motion picture drama’ we’ve got our interview with the one and only Casey Affleck for his movie Manchester by the Sea which hits UK cinemas this Friday 13th January.

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The movie tells the story of a Boston handyman named Lee Chandler (Affleck) who is tasked with looking after his teenage nephew after the boy’s father dies. We’ve already placed our interview with Michelle Williams over Christmas holidays which you can view in the link above.

Manchester by the Sea - Casey Affleck and Kyle Chandler

Manchester by the Sea comes from acclaimed writer / director Kenneth Lonergan and is produced by Matt Damon. Damon was originally going to star in the role eventually taken by Affleck after filming schedules didn’t work for the Bourne star. This is not the first time that the actor and director have worked together with Affleck performing here in London in 2002 in Lonergan’s This Is Our Youth.

In the interview conducted by our very own Stefan Pape, they discuss how coming to work every day telling such a difficult tale must have been very difficult. They also discuss the humour in the movie and how that was needed to keep the audience engaged and not thoroughly bleak throughout the entire feature!

Affleck talks about the ‘heavy’ scenes that they had to shoot and how he worked with his director Lonergan to steer clear of being too ‘insufferable’. Stefan asks about the journey that Affleck went through when reading the script and how the different characters develop over the 2 hours and 17 minutes of the movie.

Finally they discuss the awards that the movie may end up bringing it and future project Lewis and Clark. It’s worth noting that this interview was conducted during London Film Festival in October 2016. Affleck talks about the performances that he gives and whether or not he’s able to say if it were his best work or not.

Manchester by the Sea is released in UK cinemas this Friday 13th January. Keep your eyes peeled for our interview with Director Kenneth Lonergan which will be going live very shortly.

Casey Affleck Exclusive Interview