When it comes to portraying such a renowned character – just as Brian Cox does in Believe, where he takes on the role of the renowned Manchester United manager Sir Matt Busby, those most prominently in mind when it comes to doing justice to the real person, tend to be the close family. So for Cox, he knew he had to turn in a performance of the highest quality, especially with the subject’s son Sandy watching on. Well, it seems he must have done a commendable, respectful job – because we had the pleasure in interviewing the pair, together.

We asked Sandy about his own memories in regards to the real life story this is based upon, and given his reservations in the past of dramatic retellings of his father’s life, what it was about Believe that he was so comfortable with. Brian Cox also tells us about embodying such a renowned figure, while as this interview took place prior to the World Cup, we wanted to hear of their predictions, which we can now, of course, see if they got right.