We all love James Bond but it wasn’t until seeing this infographic that it dawned on my that I (and you if you’re in the UK) are financing 007! The man who has a licence to kill and more state of the art gadgets is actually costing the UK taxpayer a bloody fortune! That said, he is one of our best known exports and has brought in well over bn (not adjusting for inflation) in the US alone over the last 50 years of Bond. Because of that I’m willing to let Bond, James Bond rinse my pocket for his lavish and luxurious lifestyle!

The clever chaps at Fancy Dress Costumes have created this rather brilliant infographic which looks in detail at the world’s most famous spy and worked out just how much he’s costing us! Below are 2 infographics one for UK readers in £GBP and the one below for US readers with prices converted to $USD

Read on and enjoy! (If you missed their previous infographic looking at DC vs. Marvel at the Boxoffice, click here).