The Dark Knight Rises is no doubt going to be one of the biggest films of the year will millions of people queued up to watch the movie today on opening day. If you’ve missed it, you can see our review of the movie here and keep track of all our coverage including interviews with most of the cast and Christopher Nolan here.

Batman is one of the only superheroes in the Marvel and DC comics that doesn’t have any super powers. All of the strength that he has comes from physical fitness and the technical equipment that his immense wealth is able to buy. This therefore begs the question, ‘If Batman were real, how much it would cost to become him!?’

This is something that I’ve literally NEVER (!) wondered but if you have, this article is for you as the fine folks over at have created this wonderful infographic which gives a great look into how much all this awesome equipment would cost.

It goes into great depth looking at each part of the suit, the Bat Pod, the Tumbler and many more elements. Check it out below and click it to enlarge.

Thanks so much to @Dre_Nico for sending it our way.