After her stunning performance in Martha Marcy Mae Marlene you could put Elizabeth Olsen in Pluto Nash Vs. Norbit and I’d be first in line.

As luck would have it there’s no need for a double dose of Eddie Murphy as Olsen’s transition from troubled cult survivor to romantic lead (via horrorshow heroine in Silent House) leads us to Josh Radnor’s follow-up to his Sundance favoured Happythankyoumoreplease, the back to school ‘dramedy’ Liberal Arts.

Our man Craig Skinner saw the film when it played Sundance London and his review is well worth a read, not least as it pricks the cosy, cutesy bubble this new trailer works so hard to build up.

Due to the cast of the aforementioned Olsen, Richard Jenkins and Allison Janney I’m predisposed to warm to this one and schoolbound coming of age yarns are also a weakness of mine so I’m in – perhaps you will be too?

[UPDATE] Yahoo Movies have now released the HD version of the trailer, allowing us to properly enjoy the smart(ass) banter and blooming, floaty chorus hits to engage. The film is out in the UK on the 5th of October.