Well…  four years ago I had no idea what I was in for.

An email popped up in my Inbox that day from Dave Sztypuljak, someone I had worked with and, more importantly, someone I used to talk with about movies. All the time.

When he asked me if I would be up for doing a movie blog it was an easy decision and soon names were being bandied around (some good, some terrible, some even more terrible) and later that day HeyUGuys.co.uk set sail on the strange, uncertain waters of the internet. It wasn’t an easy start. One of my first posts contained the word ‘No’ repeated over and over.

A lot has changed since then. We’ve grown and learned a lot, fulfilled life-long ambitions, met some fantastic people and had a lot of fun doing it. Covering festivals, premieres, going international, launching our iPhone app, talking with the people who make the films we love – all of this is a privilege. To do something you enjoy every day is a luxury and we’re very grateful to be doing this four years on.

Dave and I want to thank each and every reader of the site – you are the reason we’re here now, still doing something we love. A huge global spanning group hug must also go out to our fantastic team of writers, you guys are the best and we’re proud to work with you every single day.

We’ll continue to grow hopefully, continue to find the best new movies and contribute to the discussion, there’s so much more to see.

As a special birthday treat, and to remind ourselves how far we’ve come I’m going to hand over to Dave and a video he made for the occasion.

Over the last four years we’ve been extremely fortunate to meet some rather amazing people. When we thought of the name HeyUGuys, we had no idea that it would end up being said by some of the finest actors in the world but that’s exactly what happened.

Since HeyUGuys is not only a quote from one of the most famous 80s movies in the world, but also a greeting it has been wonderful to collate some of the people we’ve interviewed into this rather lovely little montage video. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do and here’s to another four years!