Ken Jeong

Forget Messrs Helms, Cooper and Galifianakis, the breakout star of the The Hangover trilogy was Ken Jeong. You might have seen him in small, scene-stealing roles in the likes of Knocked Up and Role Models before he made his bow as Mr. Chow in The Hangover, but that’s the role that he credits with making his career, and for Jeong it’s been the gift that keeps on giving. In each of the subsequent sequels Jeong has seen his role expanded by director Todd Phillips to the point that he’s ostensibly the lead character in The Hangover Part III.

We caught up with Ken Jeong to discuss the release of The Hangover trilogy on DVD, and he was in incredibly gracious form when discussing his career to date. We talked to him about his favourite roles, working with directors from Todd Phillips to Michael Bay, and his excellent work on the small screen in TV’s Community. We’re happy to report that aside from being really entertaining both on and off screen, it turns out Ken’s a thoroughly lovely bloke as well. Check out our interview below. The Hangover Trilogy is out on DVD and Blu-Ray (including a great-looking Steelbook edition) now. You can buy your copy here or click here to win the trilogy.