Arnie - Sabotage

Arnie’s back! Again. This time he’s playing a DEA agent whose tortured soul takes him to dark places a la Breaking Bad. We spoke with the action legend about training with LA S.W.A.T. for his new “moofie”, working with an ensemble cast, guns, more guns and the perils of action hero stunt tomfoolery.

Much the same way as an Oscar winning thesp can elevate any film, the muscled one brings much needed steely-eyed star power to David Ayer’s unerringly violent, and at times by the numbers, cop thriller.

Enjoy Sabotage for what it is: an unapologetic, hair-triggered action-fest with a very dark side. It’s sure to whet your whistle for his return to the franchise that made his name when Schwarzenegger gets robotically righteous in next year’s Terminator: Genesis. We shook the man’s hand. It still hurts.