Wes Anderson’s latest films continues its charm offensive as it comes to the smaller screen next week with its release on Blu-ray and DVD.

Moonrise Kingdom premiered at Cannes this year and garnered what the showbiz press used to refer to as ‘raves’ and I like that word so I’m happy to use it here. Ostensibly the tale of two runaway children and the people they leave behind it’s a beautiful love story with Anderson’s trademark wit and eye for the unique details and characters which make his films a joy to watch.

What we have here today is one of the bonus features on the disc, and something which was at one time considered for inclusion in the movie itself; not a deleted scene as much as a rejected idea. Here we have narrator Bob Balaban introducing animated segments of the books Suzy brings with her on the merry jaunt away from it all.

The excerpts from the six books were all written by Anderson and illustrated by a different artist, it’s a neat look at what could have been.

Here’s the video,