Zac Efron apparently said that he was ‘’glad’’ about Robert Pattinson’s level of fame and appeal as it ‘’took the heat off him’’.

Well if the heat given off by hundreds, if not thousands, of fans packed into Leicester Square to welcome R-Patz and company is anything to go by, Zac may not have much fire left for him. The fans were out in swarms and full vocal force, ready for a peek of the star at the Remember me première last night at the Odeon.

Thanks to the groovy guys over at Sky Movies HD, HeyUGuys got to attend the event and see the movie, but not before getting an eye and earful of red carpet madness.

Mandy, from Hampshire had camped out for hours with her friends just to get a prime spot at the barrier for a glimpse of the attending talent and an autograph or two.

‘’We have been here over 24 hours to get this spot, the atmosphere is amazing and the weather has been kind too’’, she said excitedly.

Others had banners and posters professing to camping out for over 32 hours just to be at the premiere. Lots of hype, Lots of screams (LOTS of screams) and lots of fanfare, but what about the movie itself? Check out are our review here.