Hellboy without Ron Perlman as the red ,horned cantankerous reluctant hero and its director Guillermo del Toro at the helm is just like taking cake away from a kid, you just don’t do it. However with Millennium in negotiations to reboot the franchise with a new instalment it’s going to happen.

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Hellboy and Watchmen producers Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin are currently in talks with Millennium to give the franchise a complete make-over in order to relaunch the project that could see Game of Thrones and The Descent’s Neil Marshall direct the film. The working title has been revealed as Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen which has been written by Andrew Cosby, Christopher Golden and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola.

So without Perlman reprising his Hellboy role who could possibly replace him, well it has also been revealed that Stranger Things actor, David Harbour – the man behind the rousing speech at this year’s Screen Actors Guild awards which open the floodgate to those Winona Ryder memes – is also in talks to take over the reins from Perlman.

Hellboy reboot

The original team alongside Dark Horse Entertainment had banded around the idea for a third outing but it fell at the first hurdle when del Toro wanted a “bigger canvas” which they simply didn’t have the cash to support what he was asking for so they had to go in a new direction if they wanted to keep the cult favourite alive.

With two new faces leading the charge on this comic book demon injecting new life where it wasn’t needed may be a touch and go project that will leave many of its loyal fans feeling nervous over its future.