It looks like Harrison Ford must have enjoyed his experiences on the set of the forthcoming Cowboys & Aliens. He’s now set his sights on playing Wyatt Earp in another reconfigured western-related tale, albeit in a little more realistic setting than an UFO attack.

The Hollywood Reporter brings news that he’s play the ageing gunslinger in an adaptation of the Max Allan Collins novel, Black Hats. The story presents an alternative future for Earp as a private detective and movie consultant in Los Angeles who gets tangled up in the misadventures the son of his late, old friend Doc Holliday, who has run into a spot of bother with Al Capone in 30’s/40’s New York City (the same era as Collins’ previous book-to-film adaptation, The Road to Perdition).

Kurt Johnstad, one of the co-scribes on 300 and its recently-announced sequel (300: The Battle of Artemisia) is down to pen the film.