Tom Hardy continues his ascension up the Hollywood ladder with news coming in that he’ll be teaming up with another young star (Transformers man Shia LaBeouf) for John Hillcoat’s next feature.

According to the LA Times, the two are set to star in the director’s follow up to The Road – a period thriller called The Wettest County in the World. Judging by the title, one would presume that the film’s location is over here in the UK, but it’s an adaptation from a novel by Matt Bondurant, set around the prohibition era in the US, and focusing on a family of bootleggers and the various crimes they commit and their run-ins with the law.

Written by Nick Cave (who preformed scoring and scriptwriting duties on Hillcoat’s The Proposition), the film is aiming for a start date next spring, which presumably, is the next time there’s a space in Hardy’s incredibly busy schedule.