Work has begun on Al Pacino’s third feature for HBO (following Angels in America and You Don’t Know Jack, respectively) in the form of the David Mamet-directed biopic of famed, yet troubled music producer Phil Spector, and The Playlist have released this image of the legendary actor on set in full make-up.

Also written by Mamet, the film will focus more on the latter stages of Spector’s life, and his incarceration and subsequent 19 year prison term for the killing of actress/model Lana Clarkson in 2003. Before this unfortunate event, Spector was greatly revered for his work as an eccentric and incredibly talented music producer in the 60’s, creating the “Wall of Sound” production technique in his recordings. He worked with a number of big artists from the era, including girl groups like The Ronettes and The Crystals, and even contributing to the Beatles album, Let It Be.

Although he’s in full Spector garb, the 71-year-old Pacino still looks surprising youthful here. That outlandish wig (Spector’s trademark in the later years of his career) even looks similar to the way the actor (also rumoured to sport a toupee) has styled his own hair on occasion.