When we saw Viceroy’s House in London, prior to the film’s world premiere out in Berlin, the director Gurinder Chadha (Bend it Like Beckham) introduced the film and when doing so, was almost reduced to tears. For this project represents a distinctly personal tale for the filmmaker, and when we sat down to discuss the film with Chadha ahead of its March 3rd release, she explained why.

It’s not a title that will resonate purely with Chadha though, nor just with Indians or Pakistanis, as it’s a remarkable pertinent tale – that works as a real comment on modern society.

Viceroy's House“When we started making the film seven years ago, Obama was President of America, there was no Syrian refugee crisis, Brexit wasn’t an idea in anyone’s head and there certainly wasn’t a reality TV star in the white house,” she told us. “The world is a very different place now at this end of the movie when we come out, the politics of hate and division being peddled by some politicians is a dreadful, dreadful movement on the rise, so my only hope that some of the words and dialogue, although spoken 70 years ago in the film, particularly by Gandhi, which points to how humans are connected rather than be divided, will speak to a lot of people. Dividing people only leads to violence, death and destruction – that does no work for anybody in the long run.”

Chadha also explains to us how she wanted to change the perception of the Mountbattens, behind the partition, and offer a new take on the debate. She ends with some kind words on the joy in directing Om Puri, who stars in the movie, who sadly passed away earlier this year.


Viceroy’s House is released on March 3rd. You can read our review of the film here.