Grudge Match - Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone and Nicola Adams

It’s not too often that you get to spend your afternoon with one of your acting heroes let alone two! Today however was a different day as we were lucky enough to attend the UK Press Conference for Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro’s new movie, Grudge Match. The acting legends were joined by multiple British Boxing champions including Nicolas Adams who won gold at the 2012 Olympics and can be see with (and owning!) the 2 cast members in the photo above!

Throughout the interview (and the film for that matter), there are constant references to the two movies for which make Grudge Match so poignant – Raging Bull and the Rocky movies. The pair talk about how this new movie differs to how they made the previous films, how they found the training regime and some of the difficulties being 60+ brings to making a movie of this scale with this subject matter.

Grudge Match hits UK cinemas 24th January and we caught up with the duo in LA late last year to discuss their latest film along with their to co-stars Alan Arkin and Kim Basinger. Those interviews will go live in the next couple of weeks nearer the release of the movie, but for now, we give you the Grudge Match UK Press Conference in full.

Here’s our photos from the Photocall