It may be a bit of a guilty pleasure, but regardless, I’m not (that) ashamed to say that I’m a pretty big fan of TV’s Gossip Girl. Its plot threads may be more than a little bit crazy and over the top at the best of times, and pretty unrealistic, but none of that means that it doesn’t make for good television, and once you get into it, it’s very easy to get hooked.

Judge away, but four seasons into the show, and it still has the same addictive nature as when it first began, which isn’t true of all TV programmes, only the really good ones.

As we’re now well and truly into September, American TV shows are all starting up again with their new seasons, and Gossip Girl is no different. The show’s fifth season will be premiering tonight in the US, and CinemaBlend have just over a dozen great promo images from the first two episodes to give us a taste of what to look forward to.

On the off chance you’re a fan of the show but you haven’t seen the fourth season, LOOK AWAY NOW, because some of the photos, and some of the things I’m about to write about, are probably a bit spoiler-full for your eyes.

Of course, the main characters, as the first picture says, are our favourite Upper East Siders of New York. But the first episode of the fifth season sees some of them hitting the west coast. Why, you ask? Remember how that little-known Oscar-nominated director, David O. Russell (The Fighter), had a cameo at the end of season four? Well it looks like Serena (Blake Lively) been at work on the set of his (fictitious) adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and Damned, and I can only assume that’s why they’ve hit the west coast, because they’re filming in good old Hollywood.

There’s an absolutely brilliant shot of Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Nate (Chace Crawford) coming to the set for a visit, bearing a celebratory bottle of champagne. And we also get a look at Elizabeth Hurley’s cameo, looking awfully chummy with Nate. Hurley is more than twenty years his senior, but of course it wouldn’t be the first time he’s been with an older woman. There are some interesting shots of Dan (Penn Badgley), Blair (Leighton Meester), and Louis (Hugo Becker) that I’m quite looking forward to finding out about, and newcomer from the last season Charlie (Kaylee DeFer) is seen returning for the new season too.

The final image is by far my favourite, with Chuck looking ridiculously cool stepping off a motorbike, helmet in hand. I really hope he throws in an, “I’m Chuck Bass,” into that scene somewhere.

Season five begins on The CW over in America tonight, and it will hopefully start up again here in the UK (I believe on ITV2) soon. Until then, here are the great promo images from the start of the fifth season to enjoy. As usual with the first of the fourteen images, click to enlarge.

Update: Fans of the show will be delighted to hear that each episode of the new season will be up on iTunes to download the day after it airs in the US, ahead of its return to ITV2 this autumn, so we’ll be able to watch season five week-by-week with the States! The first episode should be up on iTunes to download now, with each episode being available to download every Tuesday for the rest of the season. I’ll be reviewing the show week-by-week, so check back in to see how things are going on both the Upper East Side and the West Coast! I can’t wait.