In Henrik Ruben Genz’s Good People James Franco and Kate Hudson play an American couple renovating a family home in London when hard times and an odd slice of luck collide and the pair have a hard choice to make. All it takes is a dead tenant and the unexplained thousands of pounds he had stashed away to set us up here.

Franco and Hudson are joined in their series of unfortunate events by the great Tom Wilkinson as a policeman close to retirement, who walks the fine line between protecting the couple and suspecting them.

Clearly intent on running with Hitchcock’s ordinary in the extraordinary notion here Genz’s film has a number of very nasty moments up its sleeve while the film’s second half is an edge of your seat dash to a grisly conclusion.

These three clips set up the parties at play here: a very nasty first glimpse at our local East End gangsters playing pool, the moment when the couple discover how much trouble they are in, and a dangerous set up gone wrong.

All are NSFW. See Good People only In Cinemas 21st August or watch at home on Digital HD

Clip 1:

Clip 2:

Clip 3: