Golden Globe Awards LogoAfter finding out the BAFTA and Oscar nominations just a few days ago, this very awards-y week finally comes to a close with the Golden Globes Awards ceremony . Some would argue that this awards ceremony is somewhat of a farce, with the 93-member Hollywood Foreign Press Association slapping the backs of their favourite A-Listers in return for them showing up to their party. Well, we’re not going to argue with that, but equally the ceremony proves to be a fun little sideshow to the Oscars each year, and can even help shed some light on who’ll be walking away from the Dolby Theatre with a little gold man six weeks from tonight.

Tonight’s 70th Golden Globes Awards are expected to kick off around 1am UK time, and we’ll be bringing you all the updates from the awards throughout the 3-hour ceremony. After three years of Ricky Gervais hosting, this year we’ll be joined instead instead by two of television’s funniest talents in the form of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, so we’ve actually got high hopes for this one. If you want to join the conversation throughout the night then you can do so on twitter using the #HeyUGlobes, and I’ll also be tweeting from @JoeCunningham14 throughout the event. See you at 1am!

LIVE BLOG (Latest post at the top):

4:03 Les Mis and Argo are the big winners in the film categories, while Girls, Game Change and Homeland are the top performers from the small screen. As for the presenters, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were great but sadly underused. That’s it for us, but we hope you enjoyed this Golden Globes live blog. Good night!

4:00 The whole Argo team (including George Clooney and Baffleck) are up on stage now celebrating this win. It’s a great achievement for the film, and it seals a great night for the movie after Ben Affleck also took home Best Director. Not so great nights for the likes of Lincoln, Life of Pi and Zero Dark Thirty, though.

3:59 Julia Roberts is on stage to present the big award…and to remind us that Mirror Mirror is an Oscar nominee this year. No, seriously. It is. Anyway, she’s announcing that the winner is… WINNER: Argo. 

3:54 Just a reminder that the nominees here are Argo, Django Unchained, Life of Pi, Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty. This is the most unpredictable one of the night, but Lincoln was the bookies favourite coming in ahead of Argo. However, we should also remember no winner from this category has gone on to win Best Picture at the Oscars since Slumdog Millionaire 2008.

3:52 So, who will win the big one? You have to feel that with the way the awards have spread out amongst the big Oscar contenders that whoever wins this one will effectively be credited with winning the night.

3:51 Clooney presents the actor gong too because Meryl Streep is home with the flu. Surely it will go to DDL…and it DOES. WINNER: Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln). This is DDL’s second win from six nominations.

3:48 George Clooney will present this next one, and it’s for Best Actress (Drama). Chastain’s the favourite, followed by Watts and Cotillard. WINNER: Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty). That was expected, but notably it’s the only award the film has won so far tonight.

3:42 Jeremy Renner introduces Zero Dark Thirty, and now we can get down to the final awards of the night. Dustin Hoffman is presenting the first of the four, and that’s Best Picture (Comedy/Musical). And the winner is… WINNER: Les Miserables. It’s a nonsense category, but someone has to win it. Not sure we can read too much into it in terms of Oscars though.

3:39 After that Affleck win it looks like Argo might be in with a shot of beating out Life of Pi and Lincoln for tonight’s big Best Picture (Drama) award. We’re still backing Jessica Chastain for best actress and Day-Lewis for actor though, and Les Mis is now surely a certainty to take home Best Picture (Comedy/Musical).

3:36 Four awards left to hand out and we’re got another ad break. This may go on beyond 4am…

3:31 Mrs Affleck (Jennifer Garner) will now present the award for Best Actor (Comedy/Musical). Hugh Jackman is a strong favourite here, and the award goes to… WINNER: Hugh Jackman. Of course it does. It’s his second nomination but first win in the category. Jackman’s says he’s getting over the flu, but we’re sure he’ll be okay because he’s Wolverine.

3:30 It’s Christian Bale! He and the HFPA are not done professionally. He’s teeing up Silver Linings Playbook.

3:27 Five awards left now. Oh, and they’re the biggies. The two best pictures, actors and the best actress (drama)… Stay tuned.

3:22 International stars Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon are up to present this next one for Best TV Series (Comedy/Musical). The winner in this one is… WINNER: Girls. More love for the fantastic HBO show, and despite the HFPA seemingly being unable to separate performances and overall show quality tonight it’s still nice to see Dunham deservedly on stage again with the rest of the team.

3:2o Affleck gives an amazing and passionate speech…atones for Gigli.

3:17 Wow, so moving on from that we’ve got some big awards to hand out. First up is Halle Berry handing out the award for Best Director… WINNER: Ben Affleck – Argo. He wasn’t even nominated by The Academy, but he’s cleaning up elsewhere.

3:13 So to sum up – we have no idea what just happened.

3:08 Jodie Foster has just given a fantastic but strange speech in which she may or may not have come out and also retired from Hollywood. It’s all very odd and she’s talking/making a point about privacy, but making it even more confusing is that fact that the sound cut out at a key stage. It’s possibly awesome, but it’s also tough to know where it’s going. If someone could translate what she actually said/meant that would be great. The whole room are in tears though.

3:02 RDJ seems to get up on stage at some point every year. He must be getting the HFPA onside for whenever his next big awards-y role comes around. We’re now getting a Jodie Foster montage, by the way. As montages go, it’s a good one.

3:00 Fey and Poehler are back for another all too brief appearance. The show is truly at its best when they’re around, and as a result way too much of it is boring. Robert Downey Jr is now presenting the aforementioned award to Jodie Foster.

2:55 Jodie Foster will receive the Cecil B. DeMille award after the break. At 50 she’s the youngest recipient of the award since Charlton Heston was recognised back in 1967.

2:54 The HFPA get some stick, but they got that one dead on in terms of who they nominated and who they gave the award to. Hurray for Lena and for Girls!

2:50 Aziz Ansari and Jason Bateman are presenting the television award for Best Actress (Comedy/Musical) now, and Aziz is pretending to be high. It’s one of the weaker comedy bits of the night. Anyway, they’re handing out this award to WINNER: Lena Dunham – Girls. That’s some great recognition for one of the finest young talents out there. A very strong category too.

2:45 Sacha Baron Cohen is on stage now doing his schtick. He’s just mocked Russell Crowe’s singing in Les Mis, so all credit to him…even if the rest wasn’t very funny. He’s now presenting the Best Animated Film award to…WINNER: BRAVE. The Golden Globes have given this award to a Pixar film in six of the seven years its been in existence.

2:37 More TV now, and this one is for Best Actress (Drama). This award goes to WINNER: Claire Danes – Homeland. Man, these guys really love that show. And Danes, who now has four Golden Globes. How they managed not to award Mandy Patinkin is nuts though.

2:34 Sly and Arnie are presenting the Foreign Language award. They’re arguing about how bad their English is, which is kinda funny. The award goes to…WINNER: AMOUR. Which isn’t a surprise given its Oscar love. Haneke is there to accept, and weirdly he isn’t coming across at all like he does on Twitter.

2:31 We’ve passed the halfway stage. No real surprises so far, Waltz was probably the biggest shock in a fairly open category. Fey and Poehler have been great but we haven’t seen anywhere near enough of them. Hopefully this picks up a bit in the second half.

2:28 Best Actor in a TV Series (Comedy/Musical) goes to… WINNER: Don Cheadle – House of Lies. That’s a sham, quite frankly. The HFPA are caught star-f*cking yet again. So many better nominees there, as awesome as Cheadle is in other things.

2:26 Jeremy Irons tees up Salmon Fishing in the Yemen as “a beguiling tale of fly fishing.” Ermmmm, okay.

2:23 Best screenplay now (which only has one category here) presented by Amanda Seyfried and R-Patz. WINNER: Quentin Tarantino. This is Tarantino’s second win in the category from three nominations after winning for Pulp Fiction 20 years ago.

2:19 “The biggest awards are still to come,” says the show’s announcer. Take that all you poor schmucks who’ve already won the unimportant awards.

2:15 Jonah Hill and Megan Fox aren’t quite as good. They’re handing out the Best Supporting Actress award to WINNER: Anne Hathaway. That award was never, ever, ever going to anybody else. She’s giving a very earnest speech which will annoy anyone who dislikes the back-slapping nature of all this. She has to be a fantastic actress because she appears to be legitimately surprised.

2:12 NBC just showed an ad for Community. That’s important because you should be watching – it’s amazing. Now we’ve got the Supporting Actor (TV) award being handed out, and it goes to WINNER: Ed Harris – Game Change. He also couldn’t be bothered turning up. 3 awards for that so far then.

2:07 It needs to be stressed just how great Wiig and Ferrell were just then. Tommy Lee Jones DID NOT think so though. Time for an ad break/toilet break now.

2:04 Fey and Poehler even in their brief seconds on stage are elevating this thing. Now Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig are doing the same as they turn up to present Best Actress (Comedy or Musical). They’re so good – they should present this thing next year! Anyway, the winner in this higher profile category is WINNER: Jennifer Lawrence – Silver Linings Playbook. She was a heavy favourite for this one.

2:00 Bill Clinton’s on stage now getting a Standing-O. He’s introducing Lincoln, even though we know he’s secretly a massive Salmon Fishing in the Yemen fan.

1:58 Costner is trying his best to put us all to sleep with this speech.

1:55 Kiefer Sutherland and Jessica Alba are now presenting the Best Actor – TV Movie/Mini-Series. Will the Cumberbatch get some awards recognition for Sherlock…WINNER: KEVIN COSTNER. No he won’t, Costner has it. He’s more famous so naturally the HFPA went with him instead.

1:50 Finally, a great speech! Adele is so refreshing up on stage, telling everyone that she just came for a good night out and that she and her friend have been “pissing themselves laughing” throughout. Taylor Swift didn’t look impressed, but we certainly were. Apparently that’s the first Bond song to win a Golden Globe too.

1:48 Statham and J-Lo will now hand out the award for Best Original Song – a typically awful category at the Golden Globes. And yes, that’s right, they gave Act of Valor a nomination. WINNER: Adele – Skyfall. Hurray! That’s much better than Madonna last year.

1:45 STATHAM ALERT. He’s there with J-Lo to hand out the Original Score award. And that one goes to… WINNER: Mychael Danna – Life of Pi. The winner of this award has also gone on to win at the Oscars in each of the last 5 years. John Williams meanwhile still has just 4 wins from his 22 Golden Globe nominations.

1:43 The real Tony Mendez is on stage introducing Argo, which is nice. His mic isn’t really working though, which is less nice.

1:41 We’re at another ad break right now, and it’s a welcome respite from an extremely dull show so far. The intro aside this one’s really not got going.

1:38 So two awards for Game Change and Homeland each in those categories then. Nice to see the HFPA with some diverse voting amongst their huge voter base. We might be set for some more film awards shortly.

1:36 Looks like the autocue broke on Rudd and Hayek there before they presented WINNER: HOMELAND with the Best TV Series (Drama) award. Oddly this doesn’t seem to have been the strongest category this year, especially considering that most people think Homeland took a dive south this season.

1:34 We’re still waiting for a good speech here tonight. Lewis delivers a good line towards the end of his, but the only real laughs have been from Fey and Poehler so far.

1:33 Best Actor – TV Series (Drama) up now. And the winner announced by Paul Rudd and Salma Hayek is WINNER: Damian Lewis. Lewis can now add this to the Emmy he won for the role earlier in the year.

1:31 These introductions to the Best Picture nominees are even more boring at the Golden Globes than they are at the Oscars. Still, this one gave Rosario Dawson a chance to get on stage.

1:29 Amy and Tina are indeed back, again ribbing the HFPA President before she gives her typically boring, bullshit speech.

1:25 Good to see that we’re following the usual protocol tonight by having one significant award first up, before delving straight into the most boring TV ones straight away after. More Fey and Poehler next please.

1:23 Catherine Zeta-Jones is showing off by singing a bit of Les Mis on stage now as she introduces one of those boring clips from the Best Picture nominees.

1:2o Don Cheadle and Eva Longoria now announce that the Best Actress in a TV Movie or Mini-series is…WINNER: Julianne Moore – Game Change. There’s clearly a lot of love for this one, and as Moore was only just coming off stage after the last award Poehler donned a ginger wig and fake teeth in the audience when the camera cut to where she should have been.

1:17 The kids of famous people are on stage now, for some strange reason. We’ll now find out what this year’s best Mini-Series/TV Movie is. It’s… WINNER: Game Change. That’s the show written by Jonathan from Buffy, so it’s clearly a deserving win.

1:15 Well that was a fast and furious start. Waltz now has two Supporting Actor wins at the Golden Globes, while Maggie Smith literally has all of the awards.

1:12 WINNER: Maggie Smith – Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made For Television. Maggie isn’t there to collect it because she literally couldn’t give a shit.

1:10 WINNER: Christoph Waltz – Django Unchained. Waltz wasn’t considered a favourite in this category, but it bodes well for his Oscar hopes with the last five winners of this award going on to win the corresponding award from the Academy.

1:09 That’s it for Fey and Poehler for now, but they were sublime. Bradley Cooper and Kate Hudson will now present the Supporting Actor award.

1:08 Fey: “Quentin Tarantino – the star of all my sexual nightmares.”

1:06 Now they’re ribbing Anne Hathaway about her Oscar presenting gig alongside James Franco. This is going down very well in the room but they’re in no way being any less risky than Gervais was.

1:04 The room erupts after this zinger from Amy Poehler about the Zero Dark Thirty controversy: “When it comes to torture I trust the lady who spent three years married to James Cameron.”

1:02 “Only at the Golden Globes do the beautiful people of film rub with the rat-faced people of television.” They’re off to a good start and they’re already making gags about Gervais and the HFPA itself too.

1:00 We’re live in the room! Amy and Tina are about to get things underway.

0:56 The red carpet hoo-hah is about to come to a close. Now’s probably the best time to go for a toilet break or go get your Red Bull and Pro Plus ready.

0:49 Jessica Chastain talks about the controversy surrounding Zero Dark Thirty. The HFPA have no problems with the torture depicted, however, as they receive far worse at the hands of Harvey Weinstein each year.

0:40 20 minutes until the ceremony starts now, and the start could arguably be the best bit as that’s when Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will deliver their big introduction. Stick with us while the last of the celebrities arrive and then we should at least have something interesting to comment on.

0:32 Adele has arrived! Her Skyfall Crumble will be served at tonight’s after-party.

0:25 Anne Hathaway is trying to look modest even though (providing there have been no bribes) she’s a lock to win the Supporting Actress gong tonight. Jennifer Lawrence meanwhile apparently has a little bit of flu, hence why she seemed a little miserable before.

0:20 Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are promising nudity during tonight’s show right now on NBC. They’re also promoting their Golden Globes drinking game which includes taking a swig every time someone cries or a boob pops out. We’ll certainly be playing along.

0:14 Celebrities to continue to arrive, and just like Leatherface they’re all wearing someone else. We’re watching on NBC but we’re sure Ryan Seacrest is causing the same kind of erratic havoc over on E! too.

0:00 This is your one hour warning. The choices of 90 (probably) corrupt HFPA voters will be announced from 1am onwards, but for the time being there’s fun to be had watching these red carpet presenters crash and burn. They’re currently telling Damian Lewis how awesome he is.

23:55 Jennifer Lawrence is excited!!! At least that’s what she tells NBC on the red carpet while looking anything but. She looks stunning though, so there’s that.

23:50 Good evening! There’s just over an hour to go now guys and girls. We’ll be updating sporadically during all the red carpet (where Bradley Cooper is currently looking “dashing”) preamble, then we’ll get into full swing once the awards get underway. Don’t forget to refresh the page as we go to view all of the updates.